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Trust Attorneys Butte MT

Setting up a trust on your will is a complicated matter that should be handled with the help of an estate planning and trust attorney. Make it easy on your trust beneficiaries and take care of your estate planning ahead of time. An experienced trust attorney can help you save on estate tax. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to the estate planning and trust attorneys in Butte, MT listed below.

Robert Francis Dwyer III
(406) 496-6409
220 N Alaska St
Butte, MT
State Licensing

Robert C. Johnson Jr.
(406) 446-2128
69 Upper Red Lodge Creek Road
Red Lodge, MT
Katherine Carmody Holliday
(406) 531-2230
Po Box 8124
Missoula, MT
Syracuse University
State Licensing

Jim Wade Vogele
(406) 543-8900
P O Box 9259
Missoula, MT
Harvard Univ Law School,Montana State Univ
State Licensing

Mark A English
(406) 245-4468
Po Box 35025
Billings, MT
State Licensing

Thomas Michael Welsch
Poore, Roth, Et Al, 1341 Harrison Avenue
Butte, MT
State Licensing

William B Hanson
(406) 586-4383
716 S 20TH AVE STE 101
Unknown School
State Licensing

Terance P Perry
(406) 728-0810
Central Square Building, 201 West Main Street
Missoula, MT
State Licensing

Kimberly More
(406) 752-6644
Po Box 759
Kalispell, MT
General Practice, Litigation
State Licensing

Marguerite B Kaminski
(406) 270-1495
P.O. Box 1658
Whitefish, MT
State Licensing


Q: I have created and revised my wills in the past. The issue is that, as a single person, I'm having trouble finding an executor for my will. I don't trust my sister to carry out my instructions and, sadly, I also don't believe my parents would be good either. Other than friends, are there any other options for establishing an executor for your will? I want to make sure I get someone who will carry out my instructions without bias, self-interest, greed or questions. If there aren't any options, what would you suggest given the scenario?


I commend you for your foresight in both creating and updating your will. Your advance planning now will likely save your intended beneficiaries time, confusion and angst in the future. As you believe your sister or parents might not be appropriate executors for your will, you still need to choose someone whom you can trust to carry out your wishes. I recommend making sure your selection is amenable to the designation in advance, as this can be a time consuming responsibility.

You have ruled out friends and business associates, so I suggest a reputable lawyer or accountant would be the best solution for you. If your will is complex, there is the added benefit of those professionals’ familiarity with tax, probate and business administration issues. As you are aware, the executor must satisfy any debts owing from your estate, administer appropriate tax filings and estate returns and ensure that your asset distribution plan is followed to the extent most feasible. And while a family member might agree to administer your estate without taking a fee, an executor, in particular when a professional is so designated, is entitled to and will expect to be paid for their services. I suggest you address the parameters of that compensation at the time the executor is designated.

If you still want someone closer to you involved, you can designate co-executors (such as your family member/friend/business associate) and the lawyer/accountant. Finally, I also suggest choosing an alternate executor so that your probate can proceed more smoothly in the event your original executor appointment (if not co-executors) is unable to act as an executor at your death. While a probate court in the absence of an executor may choose an administrator for your estate, this of course lessens your control over ensuring that your wishes are followed as closely as possible.


DISCLAIMER: This publication is distributed with the understanding that it does not constitute legal advice or establish an attorney/client relationship by way of any information contained herein. The information provided is for general purposes only, as readers are advised to consult with a qualified lawyer regarding the specifics of their particular circumstances.

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