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Owning real estate is a great investment, but being single poses some challenges in this area of life. If you're a single and you're thinking of buying property or already do and need some advice, read through the following real estate articles.

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Way to go! Not only does going green make you healthier, but it also can greatly reduce your energy costs. There are several factors to consider. First is the cost to convert to an energy efficient home. While over time it pays for itself, there is that initial outlay of cost that can be hefty. For example, you could install solar panels on your roof. While that is expensive, many states grant tax credits for home owners who do this kind of work.

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I agreed to buy a one bedroom apartment but now that I started working from home realize I need a second room to use as an office. Can I cancel and if so, how? I imagine that you hired an attorney to handle the closing on your apartment. You need ask him or her to advise you of your rights, as they vary from state to state.

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Why pay someone else rent? Owning your own home is the best investment you can make. Right now mortgage rates are at an all time low. Mortgage calculators can help you determine what you can afford. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to the mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers in Alexandria, LA listed below.

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A single woman started apartment hunting and her broker warned her that she was a triple risk candidate being that she is a single women from another country. Sure sounds like discrimination to her, isn't it? Read on.

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My apartment has been on the market for far too long. How can I make this single dwelling unit look more appealing to buyers with kids? First, if your apartment has been sitting on the market for too long you have to begin with the obvious. Is your price too high? Lets assume that it isn't the price. What then could you do? You could do three things: staging, staging, staging.

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As regards job transfer relocation, the best place to begin is with your employer. If you company does not provide any relocation services, ask for employee referrals in the office to which you will be moving. Local colleagues are a great resource and will often offer their time and assistance to help you find a new place to live.