Men's Fashion Stores Troutdale OR

Local resource for men's fashion stores in Troutdale, OR. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to casual tees, jeans, shirts, sweaters, pants, jackets, tuxedos, ties, sunglasses, wallets, and colognes, as well as advice and content on men's shoes.

Great Outdoor Clothing Co
(503) 666-1543
450 NW 257th Ave Ste 322
Troutdale, OR
Goodwill Industries Of The Columbia Willamette
(503) 661-1614
1776 NW Fairview Dr
Gresham, OR
Third Dimension Salon
(503) 666-7733
Fred Meyer
Gresham, OR
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints The
(503) 666-7637
1740 E Powell Blvd
Gresham, OR
(503) 256-5224
Departments / Services
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45.556390 -122.515086

Pixie'S Second Chance
(503) 665-5533
855 E Powell Blvd
Gresham, OR
Sherwin-Williams Co
(503) 666-3891
1740 E Powell Blvd
Gresham, OR
Convenience Retailers Llc
(503) 618-8440
2281 NE 18st Ave
Gresham, OR
D & J Retail Nurseries
(503) 661-5957
16931 SE Foster Rd
Gresham, OR
Other Mothers Children'S & Maternity Clothing Exchange
(503) 491-4787
1411 NE 181st Ave
Portland, OR

The New Fashion Forward & Fearless Male

There was a time when selling beauty and fashion to men required targeting their female friends, lovers and family members who could persuade them into making those purchases. Well ladies and gentleman, the times they are a changing. It seems that men are increasingly talking, shopping and having fun making their own style decisions. If you’re wondering where today’s bachelors are spending, saving and shaving, then read on.


Spending On Lavish Items: Even though ladies’ designer duds are being hocked at a fraction of the price these days, things are drastically different in the menswear world. In an October survey conducted by the American Affluence Research Center, men revealed they were less inclined than women to reduce spending on designer apparel, fine jewelry and watches. Twenty-three percent of male respondents said they hadn't reduced overall spending since the recession started, compared with just fourteen percent of women. Tellingly, Hermes just opened it’s first men’s boutique on Madison Avenue and we can expect to see other high end retailers follow suit.

Boob-Baring is Back
: Laugh all you want but thanks to Alec Baldwin more men all letting it all hang out. That’s right folks, from scoop-neck to v-neck shirts guys are going for the décolleté look right down to the last unbuttoned button. Perhaps the last time we witnessed this fashion trend was in the disco era, but even back then John Travolta had those chest hairs peeking out so there really is no need to be shy about it.

Body Contouring Shapewear: Yup, it finally happened. Spanx, the lingerie line which nips, tucks and lifts a woman’s shifting shape has launched a line of spandex sucking slimwear for men. The new line includes tank tops, v-necks and crewneck undershirts, perfect for pressing down beer bellies and bulking up arms and chests. If you want to be the first to try it on for size, drop into a Neiman Marcus where the products will be in store beginning March 15th.

Bald is Big: So you are down to just a few strands of hair and that prescription for Propecia is not yielding positive results? Genes be damned, as the male pattern in this case reveals that more men are braving the bald look and discovering that dealing with it is anything but difficult. For starters, there are hassle-free benefits to going hairless, plus many have claimed it can be liberating and boost “chic” appeal. The phenomenon has even turned some into Baldies by Choice and inspired the launching of grooming products like BaldGuyz which boast head-wipes, shaving gels and sunscreen so there is no need to be razor reluctant.

No More Neckties Around the Collar: Blame it on the recession but according to marketing research firm NPD the number of ties sold in the U.S. fell 18% in 2009, to 29 million, more than double the 7.3% drop in 2008. Ties, which began to lose their powerful status during the boom, will remain at the back of the rack until we ful...

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