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Need some legal advice about being a single in the workplace, or just want to understand a particular law better? Read on for some insightful articles that deal with a range of legal issues that may concern you.

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I'll assume the phrase "power of attorney plus" is akin to a durable power of attorney as it relates to the term nondurable power of attorney. The former is a general authorization for a person's ("principal's") designated person ("agent") to act for or on behalf of the principal. Contrary to a nondurable power of attorney, which is used for a specific transaction, a durable power of attorney is broad in scope and is in effect until revoked by the principal, or upon that principal's death.

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In the U.S., and in most western countries, adultery has been decriminalized. While historically adultery has been rigorously condemned in cultural and religious traditions, its legal consequences are most often found in divorce cases, particularly in jurisdictions where there are fault-based statutes governing family law.

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While there are no published studies focusing on Singles profiling in job interviews, marital status is certainly a subject an employer should not ask about. There are several categories which employers must avoid because basing an employment decision on any one of them is discriminatory: Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Birthplace, Age, Disability and, Marital/family status.

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I think my boss is reading my personal e-mails at work. The issue is that I have been going back and forth with this guy I am dating and things have gotten pretty hot, electronically. Is my employer legally allowed to look through these letters? While one might argue that an employee can reasonably expect some level of privacy in their personal e-mails generated on the work computer, employees have virtually no such rights, even if you are accessing your e-mail on your own accounts but using the employers' computer server.

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Having a Living Will can spare your family from having to make difficult decisions for you. And to create one, while you can find examples on line I suggest you may want to consult a lawyer who can provide one particularly tailored to your needs. It generally is required to be in writing, signed by you, dated, signed by two adult witnesses and notarized.

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Divorce affects a broad spectrum of your interests, including your marital, emotional, financial, and future security. All of this is compounded if children are involved. That is why it is important to promptly seek counsel, so that you may ensure that you understand your options.

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In personal injury cases such as this bellow, most attorneys will offer the option of a contingency fee or an hourly based fee. Contingency fees also provide strong motivation to the attorney to work hard on your case, as both you and the attorney benefit from a higher monetary award. Contingency fee percentages vary depending on your state or country's court rules, but generally provide for a 1/3-2/3 attorney/client split, with the percentage decreasing in stages as the total award increases.

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If you review your co-op bylaws, there is undoubtedly a provision requiring notification and approval by the board, which brings us back to the first point wherein we strongly suggest referral of your inquiry to your closing or other attorney.

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Setting up a trust on your will is a complicated matter that should be handled with the help of an estate planning and trust attorney. Make it easy on your trust beneficiaries and take care of your estate planning ahead of time. An experienced trust attorney can help you save on estate tax. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to the estate planning and trust attorneys in Mount Sterling, KY listed below.

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There are a multitude of print and on-line resources providing forms and suggestions for simple to more complex will preparation in Mount Sterling. I encourage you to take a little time to read up on this issue and consider consulting a lawyer, as there are steps you can take now to save time, expense and aggravation for your loved ones later.