Credit Repair Salina KS

The below are some financial advice for you to fix your credit score. Read on and learn more.

Consumer Credit Counseling
(316) 265-2000
300 W Douglas
Wichita, KS
Fisher Richard M JR Attorney At Law
(913) 755-4330
549 Main St
Osawatomie, KS
McQueary Willis H
(913) 755-3858
564 Main St
Osawatomie, KS
Stephenson Mary
(913) 837-3060
5 S Peoria St Ste 207
Louisburg, KS
Rumsey & Cleary Law Offices
(316) 262-4481
1041 N Waco St
Wichita, KS
Sharp Glen E Ii
(913) 294-3300
13 S Pearl St
Paola, KS
Barkis Marvin Wm
(913) 837-5167
PO Box 488
Louisburg, KS
Wichita Credit Card Debt Consolidation
(316) 444-1150
330 W 2nd St N
Wichita, KS
Floodman Wagle & West
(316) 269-1950
323 N Market St
Wichita, KS
Nicholson Law Office Lc
(913) 294-4512
26 W Peoria St
Paola, KS

Credit Score Fix

Q: I have terrible credit score and want to invest in a home. Any tips to fix my ratings, fast?


1) Try to improve your debt to available balance ratio. Even if you owe a great deal on credit cards, if you can increase your available balance, your score will improve.

2) Pay off small bills that you are contesting. Even if you think you were wrongly charged, just pay the small amount. The damage you are doing to your credit score is not worth the dollar amount you could pay.

3) If you paid a bill late, call the lender right away and ask them to remove it immediately. A late payment hurts your score dramatically so if you can remove it, that will help.

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