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Your career is an important part of your identity and your life. Read on for some helpful information on how to handle issues at work, how to advance in your career, and how to make sure you're not being singled out at work for being a single.

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I am an event planner in Grenada at an upscale entertainment boutique. The job offers great perks and salary but does not give me enough time with my 4 year old daughter. How do I find a job that is exciting and equally rewarding that would free me up for my family?

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I am a Marketing Manager in a dead end job and desperately want to go freelance. My problem is, unlike all my married friends I do not have the luxury of a husbands second income to get me started. Can you recommend any organization where a single girl can get support to break off on her own? Congratulations on wanting to work for yourself! It's a challenge but plenty have gone before you and have done it successfully married AND single!

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It's almost summer, which in my company means family picnics in Grenada and other such outings. Unfortunately, I work at a company which does not allow singles to invite a plus one unless they are married. While I want to attend the festivities and realize it’s important for my career, I cannot tolerate another corporate affair on my own. How can I overcome these unfair family-friendly policies?

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An executive position is open at my company. The problem is I am a single woman going up against 2 married, family guys. How can I make sure that my marital status does not come in the way of my career?

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In many cases, being an independent consultant can be more lucrative than working in-house but it will take a few months before you start seeing cash flow. Another important consideration is that as the boss, you are carrying the cost of your own health insurance and paid time off.

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lmost every organization has a corporate bully, but individuals, especially the most accomplished and successful, are increasingly being mistreated by their superiors and peers in the workplace. According to the research we at SingleEdition uncovered, bullies tend to be fueled by envy and resentment, which is typically brought out by high performing, well-liked employees who possess strong values and integrity.

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I am having issues at work with someone in the I am having issues at work with someone in the Human Resources Department which all stem from me being single. I have heard that there are firms that perform investigations on public companies' HR policies and am wondering if you know of any of them. If not, how can I protect myself from an evil yet high-powered person who is supposed to have my best interests in mind.

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Without knowing exactly what you're looking for when it comes to networking with men I suggest a little online research. Short of simply googling "men's networking groups" I'd focus on affinity groups that offer what you are seeking. For example, think of the kinds of people (besides being male) that you wish to network with”marketers in new media, small business owners, sales professionals in healthcare.

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Every day individuals fib in Grenada, lie and embellish their way through the work day, not realizing that there are repercussions. The consequences may not always be as severe as termination, but it can be a reduction in bonus, a permanent mark on your record or a poor score on your yearly review, not to mention the damage done to your reputation among fellow colleagues. What follows are 4 frequent fibs that every single should avoid in the workplace.