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There are a variety of activities that lend themselves to toning and strengthening the muscles as well as burning body fat. Learn all about them in this Q&A article focused on getting exercise through summertime water sports.

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Best Water Workouts

Q: With summer right around the corner I was hoping to take up a new water sport. Which activity provides the best total body workout? Also, are there any leagues or associations I can join so that I can be part of a group when I train?


It's great to hear you want to take up a new water sport this summer! There are a variety of activities that lend themselves to toning and strengthening the muscles as well as burning body fat. The most convenient is swimming. This is the best total body workout where you can target cardio and strength together, not to mention it's easiest on the joints. You can also check out rowing (either a kayak, canoe or row boat), as all will add definition and strength to your upper body and core. Wind surfing, surfing and water skiing are all fun activities for which you will most likely need an instructor if you are a beginner. Most areas have swim clubs, triathlon groups and rowing teams. Check your local rec center, gyms, and the internet. If you just start asking around, you will be sure to find lots to choose from. One last thing….don't forget the sunblock!

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